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What are flower essences? Flower remedies are infused with the energy from wild flowers and trees. They can help to bring positive change to our lives in a gentle and natural yet effective way. They were developed in the 1930s by Dr Bach who believed that emotional wellbeing was fundamental to overall health. Dr Bach discovered 38 Bach flower remedies in total – each relating to a different emotional state. They help to bring the body’s emotions back into balance and are taken as drops under the tongue or in water.

What can flower essences help with? Flower remedies are a natural way to address any emotional imbalance within you. They can help with a range of emotions such as anxiety, confidence, sleep disturbances, anger, energy, grief, feeling depressed and more.

Are UniflowersUSA' flower essences original Bach flower remedies? Yes, our flower essences are Bach remedies produced using mother tinctures imported directly from England, from Creature Comforters - a British company that crafts Bach flower essences by respecting the natural timing of each flower and following the guidelines of Dr. Edward Bach for over 40 years.

Are flower essences safe? Flower remedies are safe for all ages and animals as well as pregnant women. They don’t have any side-effects, are not addictive and don’t interact with any existing medications you’re taking. You cannot overdose on them. Note, they do contain a small amount of alcohol and are therefore not suitable if you have an alcohol intolerance or if you’re taking Antabuse. See FAQ below.

How long do the remedies take to work? There is no single answer as each person is different. Bach flower remedies work quickly in more acute circumstances (within a few days) whereas more long-standing imbalances may take longer to re-balance. They work quicker in children as their habits are less ingrained. A bottle will last around 4 weeks.

Can flower remedies help with physical conditions? The remedies do not treat physical illness directly but help to restore harmony and balance to the personality and mind which allows the body’s natural defences to work more effectively. The remedies treat the person as a whole – supporting the mental outlook or personality trait of the person, rather than a disease, however this pursuit of emotional balance should help to support overall welling. There has been much research on the impact of stress on the body and the interaction between the mind, the nervous system and immune system.

Do flower remedies interact with other medications? No, flower remedies can be taken alongside other medicines and won’t interact with them.

How many weeks can one bottle last? If you are taking 1 drop/4x a day, one bottle will typically last about 4 weeks.

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