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Bach Flower Remedy

Create your

own Bach remedy

Create your own unique Bach flower remedy mix by selecting from the wide range of 38 Bach flower remedies available.

Each flower essence corresponds to a specific emotion, targeting diverse aspects of emotional well-being.

Bach flower remedies are entirely natural, secure, devoid of side effects, and can be safely combined with existing medications for a holistic approach to health.

Not sure which essences to choose for your custom floral remedy?

You can request assistance through the exclusive Flower Mandala technique with radiesthesia or book an online consultation with the Floral Therapist.

Bach Flower Remedy

First, add the Custom Flower Remedy to your cart, then choose up to 6 essences to create your own remedy. Below, you'll find descriptive cards to consult with information about each of the Bach flower essences.

Bach Flower Essences

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